Water Conditioning

Regal provides expert repair, maintenance and installation services for residential and commercial water softeners, acid neutralizers, UV light, reverse osmosis and iron removal systems.

What’s Water Conditioning?

Water is a huge part of our daily routines. Taking showers, washing clothes, running the dishwasher, etc. But did you know that a lot of that water does not start out as clean as it is by the time it reaches your house? And even at that point the cleanliness of your water might not meet your standards. This is where Regal is able to help you out!

We are proud to offer complete service and installation for any water conditioning system. If you are interested in upgrading the current state of your households or businesses water give us a call today and get your water tested for free! Below is a list of services we offer to fix common water quality issues.

Water Softeners

Fix your hard water issues and remove limescale buildup.

Acid Neutralizers

Bring your ph level to a normal level acceptable for living.

UV Light (Bacteria Removal)

Remove the harmful bacteria with UV Lights to ensure safe drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Clean out the nitrates that are found in your water with a new reverse osmosis system.

Iron Removal Systems

Remove sediment that is contaminating your water.

What System Is Right for Me?

Regal is your choice for proper water conditioning in York and Lancaster, PA, but in order to enhance the quality of your water Regal will first need to test your water for bacteria and other harmful contaminants. This is a simple process that will provide us with the information and data of what is in your water. Once we have the results of your free water testing, we can move forward with suitable options for you to choose from.

Water Softeners

If you have noticed calcium deposits around your sink fixtures, you may want to consider a water softener for your household. Water softeners almost instantly upgrade your homes water quality. Having a water softener installed will extend the life of your appliances, lead to softer skin and hair, cleaner clothes and no more calcium build up!

UV Light Disinfection

Water that enters your home or business may contain microorganisms that could possibly affect your families health. Regal offers UV Light systems that use UV light to destroy microorganisms. This method of bacteria removal is usually the most effective against viruses and bacteria.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you want delicious drinking water right from your sink, look no further. Regal’s highly trained technicians are experts when it comes to installing and maintaining efficient Reverse Osmosis Systems. ROS are an investment that you and your family will appreciate.

Iron Removal Systems

If your water quality test shows that there is dissolved iron in your water, we would recommend getting one of our technicians to install an Iron Removal System in your house. These systems are able to convert the iron from the dissolved state that they are currently in to an undissolved state. Once in this state the iron is able to be filtered out of your water.

Acid Neutralizers

If you have copper piping and you notice blue or green stains in the bottom of your tub or sinks your water is most likely acidic and in need of pH balancing. Over time acidic water can lead to possible leaks, piping deterioration, and damaged fixtures. Avoid having to deal with the hassle of replacing and fixing those high cost items and contact Regal today. Our staff is ready to equip your home with an acid neutralizer that will end up saving your money in the long run.

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